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Clint Alexander Visuals



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Andrea Isabel
Andrea Isabel
Childrens Portraits
21 Year old Kaleb Acuna
21 Year old Kaleb Acuna
21 Year old Kaleb Acuna
21 Year old Kaleb Acuna


Mission Statement
Clint Alexander

I'm a portrait photographer who also shoots landscape and events. I've always been inspired by the motions of all things living. There are elevated moments in motions that can be captured.  

I believe there's more to taking great quality photos than having a good camera, lighting & framing and good models. I'm here to express creativity and engagement. I try to express my photography in a captivating, cinematic fashion. Engaging my subjects with their environment. Anticipating the right moments is what matters.

Digital Media Producer 


Graphic Designer  

Performance artist


Photo Compositing

Sound Design & Voice Over

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