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i-Defy Productions

Photography | Editing |

Videography | Graphic Design | Sound Design


Sound Design & Voice Over

Photo Compositing

Mission Statement
Clint Alexander

i-Defy the normal expectations and dare to be unique. I want to explore my creativity in the entertainment industry. Creating a path for myself, based around my talents and proficiencies. Growing up, I always wanted to be an entertainer or at least involved in the industry. I've been through many phases and acquired different skills along the way. I grew up entering many dance competitions and battles, to being a fitness motivator and aspiring bodybuilder, but I just never had the knowledge for success in anything that I've done. So I create my own opportunities.


As a student of Digital Cinema Production, I acquired the tools necessary to successfully complete the full production process of film-making. I produce high quality media from videography to photography as well as sound design. I can perform these production qualities for any associate or client. I'm devoted to making every frame picture perfect and sound on point.

Digital Media Producer 

Graphic Designer | Performance artist

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              Mission Statement:

"In the competitive jungle of media creation, determination and hard work are just as important as talent. Producing professional high quality content with photo video and sound production."

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